Yucca with active ingredients

ENVO-Y is a  Pure extract of yucca schidigera. It is a natural herbal formulation with active ingredients and enriched microbes. As a result of the microbial decomposition of solid organic wastes such as the remains of feed, faeces and dead plankton,  toxic gases like  Ammonia,  Nitrite, and Hydrogen sulphide are developed in ponds. High concentration of Ammonia in pond water leads to increase of Ammonia level in blood & other tissues of shrimp, which results in damaging gills of the shrimp, decrease of blood PH and has adverse effects on enzyme catalysed reactions and body functions in shrimp. ENVO-Y is designed to solve these problems and to provide a solution to reduce ammonia levels and other toxic gases as much as faster and maintain good water quality & healthy environment for shrimp growth.