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Our Solutions – Envozyme

Our Solutions

Envozyme’s quality speaks volumes about products, protocols, processes, procedures, precision-driven benchmarks, etc. that we adopt to offer the most effective and quality conscious solutions for clients.


Enabling to supply broodstock with the utmost quality control at larval stages to ensure eternal advantages.

At Envozyme, for aquaculture we vouch for production that is majorly focused with quality at first life stages. We ensure balanced larval feed formulations and protocols on regular basis.


Since, it is essential for hatcheries to adopt effective microbial management; we offer the apt solutions for hatcheries.

Risk prevention is very crucial aspect for hatcheries to continue their harvesting processes, and to have continuity plan in place.  Our solutions further help in ensuring apt health conditions


All our solutions are environment-friendly as we take good care of living conditions of the cultured animals.

As we know animals survive mainly in conducive environment, living conditions, stable and healthy food substances and pathogens. At Envozyme, we offer the most appropriate solutions that emphasize.

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