Controls Ammonia & Nitrite

CAN is a novel, effective probiotic specially made for Aquaculture security. Development of probiotics is essential for nitrification & Denitrification in the recirculation of aquaculture systems. Ammonia & Nitrite is an important component in the nitrogen cycle, but it has become a matter of great concern for intensive aquaculture industry in recent years. The ammonia in the water rapidly increases due to the substantial amounts of uneaten feed stuff and aquatic animal excretion. Nitrite accumulation in the ponds could cause Shimp/fish diseases outbreak and results in huge economic loss.

Physical, chemical and biological methods are used in aquaculture for removing Nitrite, but physical and chemical methods cannot remove Nitrile without secondary pollution and residues. Hence, the bestway to remove Ammonia & Nitrite is via the biological methods.
CAN is highly effective in removing Ammonia & Nitrite from ponds and prevent the culturing animals from becoming weak and lethargic.