Pathogen Reducing Probiotic

Vibriosis is one of the major disease problems in aquaculture.Vibriosis is a bacterial disease responsible for mortality of cultured shrimp worldwide.Mortalities due to vibriosis occurred when shrimps stressed by factors such as poor water quality, crowding, high water temperature, low DO and low water exchange. Shrimps suffering vibriosis may appear hypoxic, show reddening of the body with red to brown gills, reduce feeding and may be observed swimming lethargically at the edges.

Vibzyme is a multi-strain probiotic with the nutrient blend, designed to encourage the growth of floc-forming selectively and reduces running mortality. It is useful while discouraging pathogenic and filamentous bacteria like Vibrios and  Yersinia; It contributes a better and safer environment for the growth of Shrimp.Vibzyme can be applied directly to a functioning shrimp pond to clean the water generally and eliminate the formation and reducing the proliferation of Vibrio sps.